Best Robotics Workshop / Training In Kerala

    Srishti Robotics providing variety of Workshops, Internship Programs, Technology awareness classes, Robotics Competition assistance, and much more services to Engineering as well as School Students for many years. Our CEO Mr. Sunil Paul, 'The man behind Srishti Robotics' has experience of conducting Robotics Workshops for more than 7000 students all around Kerala. He completed his M.Tech in Robotics from SRM University Chennai with First Rank. He worked as Asst Prof at Vimal Jyothi Engineering College for 8 Years, Muthoot Institute of Technology and Science for 2 Years. Currently he is heading Srishti Robotics and also he designed an Innovation and Design Lab at Choice School Trippunithura for making the students capable of doing something innovative with application of Robotics.


    At Present Srishti Robotics Reached more than 70 Educational Institutions for conducting Robotics Workshops / Training / Awareness Classes. More than 7000 Students got our training and still counting.

    Every Year Srishti Robotics training and making students to participate in Robotics Competitions all around Kerala, NITs, and IITs and they are getting many awards and prizes during technical competitions.


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srishti robotics industrial training and internship

    The purpose of Industrial Training is to expose students to real work of environment experience and at the same time, to gain the knowledge through hands on observation and job execution. From the industrial training, the students will also develop skills in work ethics, communication, management and others. Moreover, this practical training program allows students to relate theoretical knowledge with its application in the manufacturing industry. The objectives of industrial training are:

  • To provide students the opportunity to test their interest in a particular career before permanent commitments are made.
  • To develop skills in the application of theory to practical work situations.
  • To develop skills and techniques directly applicable to their careers.
  • Internships will increase a student's sense of responsibility and good work habits.
  • To expose students to real work environment experience gain knowledge in writing report in technical works/projects.
  • Internship students will have higher levels of academic performance.
  • Internship programs will increase student earning potential upon graduation.
  • To build the strength, teamwork spirit and self-confidence in students life.
  • To enhance the ability to improve students creativity skills and sharing ideas.
  • To build a good communication skill with group of workers and learn to learn proper behavior of corporate life in industrial sector.
  • The student will be able instilled with good moral values such as responsibility , commitment and trustworthy during their training.

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Arduino Uno R3 Clone CH340 / CH341 USB driver

Most new users find it difficult to get USB drivers. Because Arduino Uno Clone does not use the same driver chip with Arduino Uno R3 Original. But don't worry, Srishti Robotics has provided two drivers. 

Use the USB / Serial CH340 / CH341 Driver‘s Download:

Windows 32 bit: Download

Windows 64 bit: Download

Linux: Download

MAC: Download

USB Serial Driver CH 340 can be used for Windows XP / Win 7 / Wind 8. I try to use Windows 8.
If USB Serial Drivers are successful it will be visible in the Devices Manager of Windows


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