Weekend Robotics Classes in Kochi

Our Junior Robotics classes are specifically designed for young innovators who interested in exploring robotics using the open source platforms like Arduino and Raspberry Pi. Srishti Robotics gives the opportunity to explore engineering, math and science through robotics for kids from 10 to 17 years old. The process of creating autonomous machines that complete useful tasks is what makes robotics so much fun!

We teaches our students technical concepts through the best combinations of mechanical, electronics, and software systems through which students can understand the principles behind everything. This kind of training can make real leaders with ultimate confidence in their skill sets. Srishti’s syllabus is based on current industry requirements such as automation, machine vision, artificial intelligence, industrial robot programming for various applications. In addition, we keeps ourself in line with the industry by updating to automation system designers, microcontroller programmers, industrial robot programmers.         


Age Group: 10-17  |  Flexible Timing  | Saturday & Sunday  |  Morning 3 Hrs or Afternoon 3 Hrs

Phone : +91 7902224040  |  Email : This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  |  Web : www.srishtirobotics.com

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Industrial Robotics and Industrial Automation Training in India

      Students need to be prepared for employment oriented technical skills during their college academics. In real situation they are not able to prepare themselves on employable technical skills due to limitations of university syllabus. We have designed our syllabus to match with the industry requirement and prepare students ready to contribute to the company profit from day 1.


     We offer Industrial Automation & Industrial Robotics, specially designed for Engineering students. Coursework focuses on applying precise mathematical applications to create and program Electronic, Mechanical and Pneumatic Systems. The aggressive industrial training program includes comprehensive practical and practice training sessions based on live projects.

        Unlike other professions, engineering job is based on logical implementation of knowledge in a step by step manner. A successful engineer needs to have keen attitude along with strong grip on their respective technology. But with the huge increase in number of engineering students all over India, the quality of engineers is degrading because more focus is given to theoretical knowledge rather than practical application of the concepts.


Srishti Robotics offering lot of practical hands-on training programs for B-Tech, M-Tech, BSc, MSc, BE Students

      Srishti Robotics is shortlisted into Top 10 Robotics Training Institutes in India 2018 by Higher Education Review.




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Summer Camp Robotics | Srishti Robotics | Robotics for Kids | School Robotics Training | Summer Robotics Classes

          Robotics Summer Camps or Robotics Classes helps students to become technology fluent and develop real life skills such as cooperation, self confidence, teamwork, creativity and innovation. This program provides students with a holistic and fully rounded knowledge in the field of Science and Technology. Srishti Robotics provides robotics kits to to students are not just plug and play, we are introducing the learner to the world of open source hardware and electronics. If students are given the time, space and purpose to build robots and solve open ended problems, it will allow for thought and action to come together. The students will get an opportunity to construct knowledge and build theories, thus, strengthen their understanding of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) in collaborative settings.




           We, the team Srishti Robotics aims to help students develop logic building and critical thinking skills at a very young age. Open source hardwares and graphical programming softwares enables students to program robots easily through simple drag and drop technique. Watching the output of the program in action form makes debugging programs easier and motivate students to self learn programming by developing varied programs for the same problem statement.




          All ages are enjoying hands-on activities which provide a context for inquiry and discovery, leading students become active problem solvers and to engage in their own learning. The aim of hands on experience with engineering and mechanics is to put students in the role of creating and designing with information technology and not just using and consuming it.






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Who can Join : Class 5th to +2

Training Mode : 100% Practical

Location : Kadavanthra, Kochi

☎ Contact : +91 7902224040

Online Registration : https://goo.gl/czKxgG


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