Setting up STEM / Robotics Lab for Your School

Why Setting up Robotics Lab in Schools ?
Technology has become a very important one in all of our lives and nobody is teaching how to make use of it in a better way. Even the technical graduation programs in the country doesn’t introduce new technologies. The ROBOTICS/STEM lab is all about learning new technologies and apply them to solve real life problems.

  The teaching methodologies in schools and colleges in the country is nothing but the audio version of textbooks.Tinkering is about hands on experience, learning from failures, and unstructured time to explore and invent and through the processes of exploration and invention lies the potential for innovation. The ROBOTICS/STEM lab is all about tinkering and innovating ideas.

    We believe that our schools should act as a filtering system so that the children can choose their path of interest and follow further. Our school system is not at all focusing on teaching technology but we expect our children to become engineers of tomorrow. The ROBOTICS/STEM lab can inspire children towards technology and prepare them for the 4th industrial revolution (Robotics, Automation and Artificial Intelligence.).
Benefits of having Robotics Lab in Schools
  • Exposure and awareness in new technologies.
  • Fuel the passion for learning new knowledge and skills.
  • Helps children to set their long term career goals.
  • Learning by doing improves children’s cognitive development and self development.
Services We Offer
  • Design and set-up a Robotics / STEM learning facility with state of the art electronics and machinery.
  • Provide an experiential learning syllabus based on topics from regular academics.
  • A team of experienced engineers to train students in ideation, design thinking, computational thinking and physical thinking.
  • Introduce students to advanced technologies like humanoid robots, drones, machine learning artificial intelligence etc.
  • Mentor students for national level robotics competitions, science fairs and entrepreneurial challenges organized by esteemed institutions like NITs, IITs & IIMs.
  • Organize motivational talks by Industrial experts.
  • Conduct intra-school and inter-school technical competition.
  • Help organize an innovative forum among neighboring schools.
Training and Maintenance of Lab

Requirements for Setting a Lab

Initial Investments

Labs we setup

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