Srishti Robotics Technologies Pvt Ltd is organizing an Internship Program on Robotics & Embedded System for Engineering Students.

Location: Kochi    Duration : 2 weeks (1 week office + 1 week online) 

Certification : Certificate of Merit for all the participants from Srishti Robotics Technologies Pvt Ltd. 


Students will be getting hands on experience in following topics

·   Microcontroller Programming (ATmega328)                 

·  Digital and Analog sensor interfacing  

·  Serial Communication                                                        

·  LCD Display    

·  LM35 Temperature Sensor                                                  

·  ADXL335 Accelerometer

·  Ultrasonic Sensor Interfacing                                            

·  GSM, Mobile communication

·  Servo Motors                                                                      

·  Wireless communication

·  RFID Technology

·  Bluetooth Communication

·  Android App Development for hardware interface

·  Controlling Devices using Smartphone

·  Raspberry Pi

·  Python Programming


·  Internet of Things (IoT)

Just Mark Interest through Registration Link, The Team will contact you with full details. 

For more details contact: +91-7902224040, or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



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