IC Engine Overhauling Workshop

      Internal Combustion or IC Engines have had a great impact on human life. These engines produce immense power in contrast to their size and weight. Today, these engines power almost all land vehicles.

       In this workshop students get firsthand experience of the working principles for IC Engine Design. By dismantling a real IC Engine into components, participants can explore the engineering involved in an automotive engine system.

  • Workshop Level : Beginers & Intermediate Level
  • Best Suited For : Students interested for a career in Automobile and related fields of engineering Students from Mechanical, Automobile and Aeronautical engineering departments
  • Workshop Certification: Srishti Robotics
  • Workshop Training Kit : As per content of workshop
  • Workshop Mode : Hands on Training
  1. Theory Session -
    • Basic Components of a Motor Cycle
    • How does a engine works
    • Different types of engines
  2. Hands-on Session -
    • Dismantling of the engine into individual components
    • Analyzing all the components first hand
    • Live demonstration of the internal engine mechanisms
    • Re-assembly of the engine
    • Live demonstration of 4 stroke single and three cylinder engines parts and its working
    • Dye penetrant inspection

  • 4 stroke Hero Honda engine
  • 4 stroke maruti engine
  • Working Tools
  • NDT items

These components would be provided during the workshop but would be taken back after the workshop. This is being done to reduce the cost of the workshop and make it affordable for students.

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