Drone / UAV Workshops

    UAV / DRONE can be used in research, entertainment, and commercial purposes. The simplest four rotor design, quadrotors is easy to work with and tinkering possibilities are endless, which will help you to tweak the quadcopter according to your application.

    We introduces candidates to the various tech behind Unmanned Aerial Vehicles and the secret formulas to making a stable multirotor. Participants will be able to learn about the overall design, technology behind the drones, ultimately how to build a drone.

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  • Workshop Level : Beginers & Intermediate Level
  • Best Suited For: Who are interested in drones
  • Workshop Certification: Srishti Robotics & Drone Racers Kerala
  • Workshop Mode : Hands-on
Topics Covered
  • Understanding multirotor aircraft
  • Embedded Systems behind Multicopters
  • Selection of right components for the drone
  • Calibration and Testing of Quadcopter
  • Controls of a quadcopter
  • Basic Flying Lessons
  • Autonomous features
  • Mission Planning
  • Indian Drone Laws

  Every team will be provided with a drone kit which includes all components required to build the drone for the workshop. Kits will be taken back on completion of the workshop. Take away kits can be provided on demand and it will be chargeable depending upon the required specification the kit. Preferred team size is of 3-5 candidates and can be scaled up to maximum of 10. Every team will be individually monitored by one of the DRK PILOT during the entire hands on session. At least one laptop with necessary software installed is mandatory for a team.

  Candidates will be given training on simulator prior to flying a real drone. It’s mandatory not to power on your quadcopter or try to make it fly without the presence of a DRK team member. Since drones are very dangerous, flying of real drones without a trainer will be appreciated only if the DRK team feels the available space is enough and the pilot is capable of handling the situation. Carelessness while flying the drone will not be appreciated and candidates being irresponsible will not be allowed to fly the drone in any scenario.

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