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We are inviting creative minds to come up with ideas they believe in and use our R&D Lab facility. With the long 8 years of experience we had, we can assure you to develop a prototype and make it a minimum viable product.

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001Voice recognition based wireless home automation.
002Design of Emergency Remote Security Monitoring and Control System
003Autonomous Mobile Platform II with artificial intelligence using digital compass and GPS
004GSM based Security System for patients
005Solar Tracker Robot using Microcontroller.
006Universal remote controller for customer electronic devices
007Universal remote controller for customer electronic devices
008A Reliable Transmission Protocol for ZigBee-Based Wireless Patient Monitoring
010Safety Benefits of Forward Collision Warning Brake Assist, and Autonomous Braking Systems in Rear-End Collisions
011Design of Intelligent Home Appliance Control System Based on RASPBERRY PI and ZigBee
012A WiFi based Smart Wireless Sensor Network for Monitoring an Agricultural Environment
013The Monitoring System design Of Harmful Gas in a Vehicle
014Wireless Black Box Using MEMS Accelerometer and GPS Tracking for Accidental Monitoring of Vehicles
015An Indoor Navigation Approach to Aid the Physically Disabled People
016Fall Detection by Built-In Tri-Accelerometer of Smart phone
017Field Variables Monitoring in real time (GPS, soil moisture, temperature) with Precision Farming Applications
018Safe Driving Using SmartPhone
019A Zigbee-Based Wearable Physiological Parameters Monitoring System
020MEMS Accelerometer Based User Hand Gesture Recognition
021A new collision warning system for lead vehicles in rear-end collisions
022Smart Parking in Vehicular Environments
023Low-Cost, High-Accuracy, State Estimation for Vehicle Collision Prevention System
024Centralized Heart Rate Monitoring Telemetry System Using ZigBee Wireless Sensor Network
025Design and Implementation of Intelligent Urban Irrigation System
026PYTHON GUI controlled Home/Industrial Automation
027Robot controlling using Smart phone and Audio Video capturing using RASPBERRY PI
028Material handling robot controlling through wireless Zigbee using Smart phone.
029Fire detection and automatic controlling using Image processing.
030Automated Vehicle safety system to avoid accidents
031Finger authentication based cash box opening and closing system
032PC driven speech recognition based wireless multipurpose Robot
033Smart zone based Vehicle speed control system based on RF
034Construction of flying quad rotor with video surveillance system
035Zigbee wireless vehicular Identification and authentication system
035Embedded based web server for wireless sensor network
036RFID based instantaneous vehicle registration details extraction system
037Intruder Tracking Using Wireless Sensor Networks
038Real time automization of Indian Agricultural system
039RFID based Airport Luggage Security System using RASPBERRY PI
040Blind navigation system with voice alert system
041Industrial Monitoring with Android Mobile Application using Wi-Fi
042Advanced and Intelligent wheel chair control system for leg amputees using Joystick
043Automated Solar Street lighting system using LED’s
044Robot controlling wirelessly through Wi-Fi technology
045Artificial vision systems for the blind using ultrasonic wave
046Intruder detection and wireless alerting using RFID and burglar alarm
047Real Time Implementation and Processing of an Adept Urban Irrigation system
048Vehicle Anti collision using Ultrasonic signals.
049Real-time pantry information system using ZigBee
050Wireless enabled valve opening and closing system water supply
051PC controlled wireless Pick and Place Robot
052Gestures controlled Intelligent Wheel chair with device switching
053PC operated wireless War field Robot
054Home Security with Voice Alerts & Virtual Keypad Authentication
055Head movement based voice enabled wireless device switching for physically challenged
056Voice operated intelligent Lift or Elevator
057Speech recognition Controlled wireless Pick and Place Robot
058Obstacle Avoidance Electronic travel aid system for blind
059Voice actuated hospital bed control system and Heart Beat monitoring and alerting system
060Closed loop pressure monitoring and controlling system using pressure sensor.
061Dual Security Access control system Using Finger Print and Keypad for Bank Locker
062Accelerometer controlled tilt sensing for Avionics applications
063Servo Motor Control using Smart phone.
064PC based Smart Wireless Temperature Data Logger using Zigbee
065Wireless Notice Board using Smart phone and LCD display
066Controlling of exhaust fan based on Smoke and Gas intensity in industries.
067Speed control of exhaust fan using RF remote
068Microcontroller based smart charge controller for standalone solar photovoltaic power systems
069Wireless Power Factor monitoring and controlling through PC
070WiFi based Wireless Heart rate monitoring and alerting system.
071GPRS based single phase fault monitoring and SMS alert
072Water level indicator on LCD
001Automatic Image Resizing by python.
002Comparing two images for similarity using python
003Design and development of Touch screen Mobile phone with GPRS features to store the contacts in to Predefined website permanently.
004WEB CRAWLING with python
005Image processing with python

001MEMS Accelerometer controller Wheel chair.
002Micro Electro Mechanical Sensor (MEMS) Accelerometer/Gyroscope based self balancing robot.
003IR TV remote Controlled robot.
004RF Remote controlled Land Rover.
005Touch screen controlled Robot..
006PC Controlled Wireless robot.
007Mobile phone controlled intelligent Robot..
008Automatic Metal Detection and alerting Robot
010Autonomous Robot for obstacle detection.
011Line following robot
012DTMF robot with wheels
013Ultrasonic Obstacle Detection Autonomous Robot
014Automatic conveyer belt object counter
015Android phone Controlled Raspberry Pi Robot.
016PIR Sensor triggered image capturing system.

001Raspberry pi home automation over Bluetooth and Android.
002Raspberry Pi based Image Processing Robot.
003Raspberry Pi based Video capturing Robot with Android based remote control.
004Raspberry Pi based live image capturing Robot .
005Raspberry pi home automation over Bluetooth and Android.
006Raspberry pi gate automation with RFID
007PIR Sensor triggered image capturing system.
008Embedded Linux based DC Motor Control System
010Irrigation monitoring using Raspberry Pi..
011Raspberry pi based liquid flow monitoring and control system
012Raspberry pi Embedded Linux based Control System

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